Hardware Repairs

Protect your IT hardware against failure with DanTech hardware repair services.  

For any business, it is natural to encounter hardware problems on a PC or laptop time and again. We at DanTech strive to isolate all hardware-related problems with the right diagnosis. At DanTech, we offer a full range of hardware repair services from monitors to printers and scanners. 

Here are the services we provide at competitive prices:

  • PCs, Laptops and Servers 

Devices like PCs and laptops encounter most of the hardware problems. Whether it’s a classic case of dropping a laptop or broken motherboard or a need for a hard drive fix, we troubleshoot your problems providing the best fixes. From screen repairs to keyboard or even battery replacement, we provide you with a well-defined and cost-effective package covering all your future needs.

  • Printers and Multi-functions 

As mentioned previously, our services are not just limited to PC or laptop related issues. From printers to scanners, we cater to a varied range of hardware models and devices. Whether it is issue with printer cartridges or scanners causing problem, our in-house team of experts offer a quick repair on every issue. We understand the fragility of your hardware, and do repair with proper care.

  • Data Recovery and Routine Checkups 

When talking about hardware repair, data recovery plays a vital role. Sometimes devices crash in the middle leaving all the important data hanging there, which is why data recovery services are essential. At Dan Tech, our experienced engineers can recover all your lost data from any device with ease. We offer the data recovery services for home and business. 

Also, you can visit us for routine checkups of your hardware. This helps to identify any problem with your system in advance and negate any kind of risks that might come up in the future.

  • Unlimited Troubleshooting and Repairs 

With our carefully curated packages, you do not have to worry about cost at all. Depending upon the package service you avail, we provide unlimited troubleshooting and repairs for your hardware. So, every time something goes wrong, all you need to give a phone call at DanTech for a quick solution. 

For us, our customers are top priority and we go extra miles to provide you best solution at competitive prices. Call us now!