Network‌ ‌Maintenance‌

Network Support is one of the most critical components of any IT ecosystem. DanTech provides network maintenance and ensures that your network supported and maintained in an efficient manner. As the complexity in networks increase, we make sure that the systems are up to date and running seamlessly.

Network Maintenance Services Offered by DanTech

We, at DanTech, are committed to helping businesses in keeping the IT infrastructure connected since day one. We are available 24/7, and 365 days a year, our engineers are ready to provide every type of network repair and maintenance service.

Copper and Fiber Cable Troubleshooting

Managing a hybrid copper and fiber network is a complex process. Our engineers are well equipped and experienced to solve any such problems on the spot. While keeping future enhancements in mind, we work with copper and fiber to upgrade your network system to higher speeds seamlessly. Meanwhile, we also ensure continuous troubleshooting so that the current infrastructure can be optimized.

Large Network Support 

With a significantly large number of computers connected to a single network, cables get prone to damage. In such a network, any type of downtime can incur losses instantly. Therefore, we offer fast and efficient repairs for damaged cables. Our skilled team is capable of quickly identifying the problem and repairing with their expert training in fault-finding and testing.

Planned Maintenance Services

When talking about network maintenance, one must always think ahead of time. Offering IT infrastructure services depending on your needs and budget, we stay prepared for every possible future threat. After the installation of the new network system, we create a maintenance plan to ensure the proper working of the system. In the case of old ones, the same can be done when you provide us with system access.
Unlimited maintenance and support on your
print servers
firewall rules & OS
server redundancy

Domain and Email Services
At DanTech LLP, we do not just focus on the hardware network system but provide services for your online network system as well. We offer you attractive packages for your domain and email services while keeping in mind zero down-time for efficient and scalable systems. Often sensitive information is shared across email networks which is why we prioritize your data security over everything.