Hardware Upgrade and Maintenance

With technology moving faster each day, improvement in software or software upgrade tends to slow the processing power of the hardware. This is where hardware upgrades and maintenance is needed.

The experts at DanTech can upgrade your hardware to optimize efficiency while providing the needed support for your IT systems. We offer on-site hardware maintenance and upgrades to help you smoothly run your… Read More

Software Maintenance Services

With the advancement in technology and software applications, the need to maintain software is increasing. Businesses need a proper software maintenance system to ensure their systems fully-functioning and free from the bug.

At DanTech, we are fully equipped to provide dedicated software maintenance and support services needed by all businesses. Our team of expert software engineers provides you with real-time support and continual software maintenance to allow you to focus on your core business…. Read More

Network‌ ‌Maintenance

Network Support is one of the most critical components of any IT ecosystem. DanTech provides network maintenance and ensures that your network supported and maintained in an efficient manner. As the complexity in networks increase, we make sure that the systems are up to date and running seamlessly.
Network Maintenance Services Offered by DanTech
We, at DanTech, are committed to helping businesses in keeping…. Read More

Networking Installation

A fast and secure network is critical for successful business operations. If you are looking for reliable and best network installation services, then DanTech is there to help you. We strive to provide the number one network installation for all your networking needs at home, office or industry.

At DanTech, we offer a comprehensive range of data, fiber installation and Wi-Fi connectivity services. Also, we handle everything starting from testing, certification andr… Read More

Hardware Repairs

Protect your IT hardware against failure with DanTech hardware repair services.

For any business, it is natural to encounter hardware problems on a PC or laptop time and again. We at DanTech strive to isolate all hardware-related problems with the right diagnosis. At DanTech, we offer a full range of hardware repair services from monitors to printers and scanners…. Read More

Software Development

Build your in-house software tool to give your business a competitive edge with DanTech software development services.

Whether you are looking to streamline your internal process or want to improve communication with clients, DanTech has a solution for every business need. We understand that software development is the collective processes that need dedication and creative minds…. Read More