Software Maintenance Services

With the advancement in technology and software applications, the need to maintain software is increasing. Businesses need a proper software maintenance system to ensure their systems fully-functioning and free from the bug.

At DanTech, we are fully equipped to provide dedicated software maintenance and support services needed by all businesses. Our team of expert software engineers provides you with real-time support and continual software maintenance to allow you to focus on your core business functions. 

Also, with our well-defined technology and communication infrastructure, you can avail onsite as well as offshore support and maintenance services.

Software Maintenance Services Offered by DanTech 

Our team at DanTech offers you agile and seamless software maintenance services making your business scalable while keeping it cost-effective. From improving performance to bug fixing, our services make your software more reliable and improve user experience.

Our software maintenance services include:

Adaptive Maintenance and Support: In simpler words, we help you in making necessary modifications to your software so that your business can be transformed and increase scalability. This includes changes in data format, hardware configuration, support utility and operating system integration.

Corrective Maintenance and Support: DanTech software services ensure the safety of your software by implementing corrective maintenance. Whether it is logical, coding or design error; we help you fix all. In fact, we also keep a check on any kind of bugs that may arise in the software algorithm.

Perfective Maintenance and Support: As the name suggests, this service offers to make your software perfect in every way possible. With thorough examinations for enhancements like modifications, editing, additions or deletions that might be needed in the system, we take the necessary steps to implement those.

Preventive Maintenance: Also known as proactive services, these are used to define your software’s efficiency. These include the actions taken on the basis of customer feedback or other previous incidents to make as many improvements as possible.

Anti Virus Installation: Whether it is keeping your software system secured with an Anti Virus installation or securing your data backup in case of any future mishap, our services are available to you 24/7. 


DanTech also provides additional device support along with help desk support to your business while sticking to a budget plan.